Dandruff is a thing of the past

Dear Anifit team,

I am reporting on my French Bulldog Amy, female neutered, 4 years old. Amy has been suffering from food intolerance for a long time. This manifests itself in itching, various skin problems and paw licking. Various types of food from different companies have been tried. Dry food as well as different types of wet food.
Somehow none of it was tolerated. It became noticeable through diarrhoea, dandruff and a dull coat.

The skin also deteriorated. Wiebke Krogmann then told me about Anifit and I ordered various types of wet food and treats. Ordering was quick and the delivery time was also perfectly acceptable.
I then fed the different varieties.... No diarrhoea. The food was accepted immediately and eaten with great pleasure. The skin healed, the itching subsided and the dandruff was a thing of the past. I also fed the salmon oil and Power Gut to build up the intestines.

What else can I say, I'm delighted and so is my dog. She can hardly wait for the food to arrive.
I can only recommend it 😊.

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